I’m humble and grateful for the opportunities that life gives me each day, allowing me to help others in their path of healing, self-discovery, self-growth and well-being.

Issa Blanco is an internationally trained Holistic Therapist and Energy Coach that works with Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy, Mindful Coaching, Emotional Healing, Crystal Healing, Natural Remedies and Shamanic Healing.

She is internationally qualified as a Usui Reiki Master and Lightarian Reiki Master. She was also trained and initiated by a Hawaiian Kahuna, ‘Ha’ealaulani, as a Ho’oponopono Practitioner and have carried several initiations in Qu’ero Inca Shamanism.

Issa Blanco is an accredited Mindfulness Coach and has completed several counselling training courses.

Issa Blanco works with a holistic approach, believing that all parts are intimately interconnected and wellness comes from within. She treats people as a whole, taking all emotional, physical and spiritual factors into account, and then blending therapies to bring healing on all levels.

Issa Blanco was introduced to alternative and complementary therapies early in life by her Mexican mother and grandmother. Her time living in Latin America in places such as Venezuela, México and Colombia allowed her to grown a deep relationship with Mother Earth, or as she like to call her, Pachamama or MaGaia and all the medicine that she carries. This would be later immensely rooted in her years living in Africa.

Exposure to holistic healing and natural treatments in such a varied times and places created in her the desire to help and support others as they embark their journey towards health and well-being.

For a long while I have suffered from arthritis. You can imagine when the weather is inclement I feel the effects of the condition—aches and pains in various part of my body. I have always believed in the power of energy and especially when the hands of a healer are held over my body. Not every human has that gift. There were reports of a young woman in Johannesburg who worked magic with Reiki and Issa Blanco eased my pain. It was the first time something like this happened—a healer thousands of miles away brought comfort. I bless her being and her wonderful powers.

Elizabeth S. Benavides , New York City, USA

For days perhaps longer than week, I had been feeling awful with a headache, fever, pains in my neck and back. I went to the doctor, many tests were performed and nothing was found. There seemed little hope for relief. I was tense, unhappy, wondered if life was even worth living.  I asked my sister to help and she called upon Issa Blanco, in Johannesburg, South Africa, a young woman with great energy who used the Reiki method. After Reiki, a calm came set in.  My energy returned and I felt once again like the man I used to be. I’m convinced the Issa Blanco has the power to transit healing.

Erick Simmons , Margarita Island, Venezuela

My left hip and upper thigh was aching. I asked my wife to call on Issa to give me Reiki.  I knew about Reiki, that is, the old Japanese hands~on alternative medicine, but had never been personally treated with this healing method, and I was extremely surprised to learn that Reiki even has curative powers long distance.  I’m not sure when Ms. Blanco applied the Reiki, whether that afternoon or evening, but I became aware that my hip and upper leg felt some relief. I was still wondering how someone could bring relief from such a long distance away. Perhaps the energy from Ms. Blanco knows no distance.

Norman Keifetz, San Miguel Allende, Mexico

I would like to thank you for administering Reiki on me, it has changed my life completely. The first session, I was completely disorientated, imbalanced and not focus. I have problems with my hip and since having the second Reiki session I have less pain! My emotional well being has also improved as she made me see the light, moving forward and away from an extremely abusive marriage of 27 years. Issa is also giving Reiki and trauma counseling on both my kids, a 26 year old and 10 year old. The results are amazing. Without you I could not have been this person I am today. I feel extremely positive and optimistic. Thank you with all my heart.

Joy T., Johannesburg, South Africa

When our awareness is awake enough to consciously perceive that intention at the quietest level of the mind, then our intention has the support of all the forces of the Universe” – Deepak Chopra    Thank you Issa, profound transformation, re alignment, restoration of my energy. I feel vibrant again.

Shaheda, Johannesburg, South Africa

The Kakao ceremony was a great experience that I never had before.  Issa is a great teacher and her energy is overwhelming. The whole ceremony was full of love and my angels were with me.  I‘m so grateful to met Issa and it was a great gift to be together with such a peaceful group.

Anna V, Munich, Germany

Issa thank you for the amazing Reiki session. You are a truly magical – an unforgettable beautiful experience. Will be back for more magic.

Karishma Poonee, Johannesburg, South Africa

I am a very practical person and yes I do believe that energy connects us and the universe is watching over each of us, but never did I think, I will explore this concept called Reiki. I have seen posts come up before, people punting Reiki but for the 1st time on the 04/09/2017, I saw a facebook post and I felt like I had to try this. Reaching out over facebook and email was easy, appointment made and even on the day, I asked myself “What am I doing?” With all that being said, On the 09/09/2017, I found myself driving to the venue to meet Issa, anxious and nervous.

I was greeted by an absolutely beautiful soul who was warm and friendly. Issa asked for my reasons why I was there and to be frank, I did open up but not entirely. Issa explained the process and our session began. I won’t go into all the details, but all the areas that she explained I had blockages, were valid. It was a hard 1st session as I had to hear the truth and deal with my own demons. I then opened up even more to Issa so that she had a better understanding as to why my energy / blockages were present.

Issa made me realize that I had to start my healing process after a whirlwind of a year and start dealing with my emotions. Issa also provided me with coping mechanisms and I found myself booking a follow up session for October. But low and behold, i messaged Issa and asked for a session the very next week. I will certainly provide more information as our sessions progress.

Thank you Issa for bringing some light into my life and heart…I feel like I am going back to my positive self. I am slowly finding my center again.

Stay blessed always!

K. Naidoo, Johannesburg, South Africa

Issas Cacao Ceremony was an unforgettable experience, which relieved a lot of my burden and opened up so much in both my mind and body. I felt full of new energy and motivation afterwards, especially because of Issas unique aura and personality, which made it so easy to let go. I am more than grateful and will definitely take part in upcoming sessions.

Giulia, Munich, Germany

I went for a Reiki session with the lovely Issa Blanco. What a great experience, and beautiful environment. I wanted her to help clear my energy blockages. I have since completed a task which I have been battling with, and I have so much more energy. Dont allow energy blocks to hold you back!

B. Demetriou, Johannesburg, South Africa

The ceremonies of Issa just show again the way how the different techniques points on the same matter. That love and energy is not only around us, but within us, and by using the tools given by different ancient cultures can lead us to see the real beauty in life.

For me as a yoga instructor and studio owner the most beautiful experience is to see how “normal people” can also get in touch with the universal love, no matter which way we go or which technique we use.

To invite the shamanic tradition into the life of our community was no question at all after I met this beautiful soul, Issa Blanco. Her presence, her overwhelming energy in combination with her work allowed me to make of the most beautiful experience until now. I am full of gratitude and thankful to be in the situation to work with her.

Andrea, Munich, Germany

Für mich war die Zeremonie hauptsächlich beruhigend und ich konnte wieder gut abschalten. Issa ist eine wunderbare Frau mit einer sehr positiven Aura. Ich freue mich schon, mal wieder bei einer Zeremonie dabei zu sein.

StefanieMünchen, Deutschland

Ich habe sowohl bei der Kakao- als auch bei der H’oponopono-Zeremonie teilgenommen. Beide sind einmalige Erfahrungen, die das Leben bereichern und einen sehr dankbar und zufrieden machen. Issa ist eine sehr angenehme, ruhige Person, die gleichzeitig als Schamanin eine unglaubliche Kraft ausstrahlt. Die Zeremonien mit Issa im schönen Yoga-Studio von Manolaya kann ich nur jedem empfehlen, der einmal etwas Außergewöhnliches und gleichzeitig Uraltes und Authentisches erleben möchte. Esoterisch angehaucht muss man dazu nicht sein. Das bin ich auch nicht. Aber Offenheit für Neues ist natürlich gut.

Christine, München, Deutschland

Issa’s sehr warme, menschliche Art und die Kakao-Zeremonie haben mir einen sicheren Raum gegeben, mich meinen Emotionen auf eine mir bisher unbekannte Weise zu nähern und mit Körper, Herz & Seele nach innen zu fühlen! Vielen Dank!

Anna S, München, Deutschland

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